Save at least 30% off your current provider

    Save at least 30% off your current provider

      What Services Does AdvoWaste Provide?

      At AdvoWaste Medical, helping you and your facility deal with your medical waste disposal is our only priority. As a full service medical waste management company, we will custom tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

      AdvoWaste provides safe and compliant medical waste disposal and sharps needle waste management, as well as offering OSHA compliance training services based on your state regulations. AdvoWaste makes sure that your practice is properly disposing all required materials and remains safe and in full compliance. This allows you to focus on your business management. Proper handling and medical waste disposal is critical in order to avoid any regulatory fines and to prevent the spreading of any diseases. City, state and federal regulations are strict when disposing of red bag waste, sharps needles, body fluids and other types of medical waste since the pose a health threat to the general public. AdvoWaste medical is a professional medical waste disposal company, and will ensure that your company remains in full OSHA compliance.

      We are licensed to collect and dispose of all regulated medical waste, including:

      • Biomedical waste
      • Chemotherapy waste
      • Pharmaceutical waste
      • Pathogenic waste
      • Biopsies
      • Culture dishes and other glassware or eqiptment
      • Used, expired or no longer needed chemicals
      • Discarded surgical gloves and instruments
      • Cultures ,stocks, swabs and discarded lancets
      • many other types of materials for medical waste disposal
      • .

      We also work with a wide network of health care facilities, including:

      • Doctors (General Practitioners)
      • Hospitals
      • Health Clinics
      • Dental Practices (Dentists and Orthodontists)
      • Pharmacies
      • Blood Banks
      • Nursing Homes
      • Funeral Homes
      • Correctional Facilities
      • Tattoo and Piercing Centers
      • Police and Fire Departments
      • Various types of Health Departments
      • Government
      • All types of physicians


      What is Medical Waste Disposal?

      Medical waste disposal is broadly classified as the service provided for any type of item that makes contact with body fluids. More specifically, any type of solid waste that is generated during a medical diagnosis, treatment or immunization procedure. Paper towels, gloves, wipes, needles, syringes without needles and bandages with any amount of blood or fluid are just some of the examples of biohazardous or medical waste. Due to the possibility of medical waste spreading bacteria, organisms, viruses or diseases which can cause infection, there are many laws and necessary precautions governing the regulation of medical waste which are very strict.

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      Why Choose AdvoWaste as your Medical Waste Disposal Company?

      AdvoWaste Medical is an industry leader with over 12 years of experience in handling and disposing or incineration of all types of medical waste for healthcare facilities throughout the entire United States. We offer the most affordable and flexible scheduling options for medical waste disposal, and sharps needle container or kiosk pickup. Our highly trained and certified medical waste disposal professionals can provide a program to match your health care facility’s busy schedule and unique needs. Contact us now and begin saving at least 30% off of your current medical waste removal expenses. Guaranteed.

      Medical Disposal

      What are Some Examples of Sharps Requiring Disposal?

      • Needles Used “sharps” needles which are used for injecting patients with various types of medications.
      • Syringes The plunger part of a needle used to inject the medication or drugs. This is what the needle is attached to.
      • Connection Needles or Sets These are needles which are connected to flexible tubes.
      • Infusion Sets Needle with tubing which is used to deliver meds under the patient’s skin.
      • Scissors Cutting devices which are used to remove bandage dressings or cut through flesh such as an umbilical cord.
      • Lancets Double-edged blades used to extract blood drops. Also referred to as fingerstick or fingerprick devices.
      • Scalpels Extremely sharp knives or precise cutting devices used for surgery.
      • EpiPens Epinephrine auto-injectors which are used to treat and reverse a patient’s anaphylactic shock.
      • Glass All types of glass either broken or not broken fall under the definition of items needing medical disposal treatment if there is risk of contamination.
      • Sharp Plastics Contaminated plastics may require special medical waste disposal.


      What Types of Sharps Containers Meet all Medical and FDA Disposal Requirements?

      • 1.2 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 2 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 3 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 5 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 8 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 18 Gallon Sharps Needle Container
      • 28 Gallon Sharps Sharps Needle Container
      • 38 Gallon Outdoor Sharps Disposal Kiosks
      • Homemade Medical Disposal Containers (such as laundry detergent containers which are not recommended)

      What is Right-Classification?

      All healthcare facilities are required attend educational programs which train employees on proper segregation/separation of medical waste types, which is referred to as Right-Classification. Over-classified waste are items that can safely and legally go into the regular trash in normal garbage bags without danger of infection or injury, such as medical documents. AdvoWaste Medicals’ highly-trained staff will help your team of employees properly Right-Classify your waste, thereby reducing unnecessary medical disposal costs.

      What Type of Medical or Biohazard Waste Does AdvoWaste Handle?

      • Biomedical waste
      • Pharmaceutical medical waste
      • Biopsy Waste and materials
      • Chemotherapy waste
      • Culture dishes and other types of glassware
      • Pathogenic waste
      • Bodily liquid and solid materials
      • Discarded surgical instruments, blood products and gloves
      • Sharps needles and syringes
      • Cultures, swabs, stocks and discarded lancets
      • Various Types of Radioactive Wastes
      • and Other Types of Healthcare Waste requiring biohazardous waste disposal

      What Types of Clients Use Our
      Medical Waste Disposal Services?

      • Dental Offices
      • Surgical Centers
      • Veterinarian Clinics
      • Medical Offices
      • Tattoo Parlors
      • Urgent Care Centers
      • Assisted Living Facilities
      • Animal Shelters
      • Schools and Colleges
      • Emergency Care Centers
      • Harm Reduction Clinics
      • Orthodontist Practices
      • Nursing Homes
      • Laboratories
      • Medical Practices
      • Police Stations
      • Funeral Homes
      • Jails and Prisons
      • Blood Banks
      • Hospitals
      • Piercing and Microblading Studios
      • and More Industries Requiring Biohazardous Waste Disposal
      • We also pick up unwanted medicines and install and maintain medical waste kiosks

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      Why Should You Chose AdvoWaste as your Medical Waste Disposal Company?

      No more surprises on your bill – We are a reliable and prompt medical waste disposal company that eliminates the uncertainty of changing costs, unexpected fees or hidden surcharges.

      We are OSHA compliance experts – AdvoWaste can ease any safety concerns by helping your staff stay up-to-date and protected from legal exposure with OSHA, HIPAA, and other types of chemical or medical waste compliance training.

      Receive the type of service that a large company provides – AdvoWaste provides the prices that a nationwide company can provide due to our economies of scale and large outreach.

      Keep costs down with custom service plans – Pay only for the services and treatments you need, nothing more and without any long-term contracts. We guarantee that you will save at least 30% when you switch over to AdvoWaste.

      We are licensed to collect and granted the authority to dispose of all regulated medical waste, including:

      • Biomedical waste
      • Chemotherapy waste
      • Pharmaceutical waste
      • Pathogenic waste
      • Biopsies
      • Culture dishes and other glassware
      • Discarded surgical gloves and instruments
      • Cultures, stocks, swabs and discarded lancets
      • many other types of materials for medical waste disposal
      • .

      We also work with a wide network of health care facilities, including:

      • Doctors (General Practitioners)
      • Hospitals
      • Health Clinics
      • Dentists and Orthodontists
      • Pharmacies
      • Blood Banks
      • Nursing Homes or Assisted Patient Care Living Facilities
      • Funeral Homes
      • Correctional Facilities
      • Tattoo and Piercing Centers
      • Police and Fire Departments
      • Government Facilities

      Medical Waste Sharps

      Prompt and Custom Medical Waste Pickup Services

      AdvoWaste Medical provides medical waste pickup services in 48 US states nationwide. Medical waste and used sharps pickup services are available for all types of health care facilities. We provide flexible pickup options that work best for your companies needs based on most convenient times and frequency of pickups needed.

      Biomedical Waste Disposal Company

      Local Medical Waste Pickup Service

      Our nationwide, local facilities handling biological and sharps medical waste pickup offers our customers the best in accessibility and pricing. We consistently remain in full federal, state and your local regulatory compliance, ensuring DOT standards and OSHA compliance for proper pickup and treatment of medical waste.

      What Types of Medical Waste Treatment Procedures Are There?

      AdvoWaste treats medical waste disposal responsibly, often autoclaving the waste and then repurposing it into a new resource, which helps keep containers from ending up being deposited into a landfill.

      Medical waste regulated at the local state level typically pertain to the containment, storage, labeling, transportation and then treatment of all types of medical waste. Many states require the the company generating the waste to register with the state. The transportation of medical waste is also regulated by the Department of Transportation. The EPA and state agencies regulate the treatment and environmental safety at medical waste disposal facilities. The CDC and OSHA are responsible for identifying and ensuring safe handling of medical waste, containment and proper labelling of materials. OSHA requires bloodborne pathogens exposure control plans and proper training. Some require medical waste generators to register their company and have other requirements specific to that state, such as specific occupational safety and health administration laws which must be adhered to.

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      More Biohazardous Waste Information

      EPA State Guidelines for Medical Waste Management

      Regulation, Treatment and Disposal of Medical Waste

      Center for Disease Control on Regulated Medical Waste

      Medical Waste Tracking Act

      EPA – Medical Waste Tracking Act

      OSHA Standard Interpretations for Disposal of Blood and other Potentially Infectious Materials

      Overview of Regulated Medical Waste

      Safe management of wastes from health-care activities

      AdvoWaste provides professional, safe and prompt medical waste disposal services in the following states:
      Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming!

      Some major cities and locations we service in the US include: Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Lakewood, New York City, Upstate New York, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, Boston, Town of Boston, Worchester, Springfield, Cambridge, Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, Danbury, Delaware, Baltimore, Frederick, Annapolis, Laurel, Hagestown, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond, Suffolk, Hampton, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Burlington, Essex Junction, South Burlington, Colchester, Bennington, Manchester, Nashau, Concord, Rochester and Portsmouth.

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