Medical Waste Disposal

Removing clinical waste properly is crucial to the protection of your employees, your customers, and your reputation. AdvoWaste Medical offers comprehensive medical waste disposal solutions that are customized to benefit your business in several different ways.

Our medical waste disposal services decrease the threat of exposure to germs, bacteria, and viruses which helps to provide a safe workplace for your employees. Our medical waste disposal services also lower your risk of incurring fines and other interventions by the regulatory authorities.

We help to protect your business reputation by assisting you with compliance so that you can also avoid the negative publicity associated with violations of standards and correct practices for proper medical waste disposal.

AdvoWaste Medical Helps Our Customers Follow the Rules

The rules and regulations that apply to handling medical waste can get complicated. They change on a regular basis. This can cause confusion since the requirements are very specific, detailed, and are prone to changing suddenly.

Because compliance is important, and the proper management of bio-hazardous waste is critical to public health and safety, we offer a variety of services to assist you in following proper procedures. One of the major parts of being compliant is following OSHA rules; and our experts will help your employees to get proper OSHA training.

Our Medical Waste Disposal Services

Professional pickup. We safely remove and transport medical waste disposal throughout Arizona and Massachusetts.

Transport containers. We provide the appropriate transport containers for all your facility's medical waste.

Shipping Labels. We prepare proper shipping labels so that any medical waste leaving your facility is properly marked for the safety of everyone involved in the process of medical waste disposal.

Complete regulatory documentation. We take care of all the paperwork and documentation that is required for safe collection and proper treatment of bio-medical waste.

Waste tracking. We take care of the tracking so that your facility always has documentation of where the medical waste went after it left your facility.

OSHA Training. We offer extensive training for your staff so that each employee understands the regulations and correct procedures in order to comply with medical waste disposal handling requirements.

AdvoWaste Medical Offers Flexibility to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

AdvoWaste Medical understands that no two facilities are alike. We take the time to understand the needs of each facility that we serve, so that each service we provide is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each different business, hospital, lab, and clinic we service. Our comprehensive services provide other benefits as well.

AdvoWaste Medical will gladly accommodate any unexpected pick-up requests.

AdvoWaste Medical has a fully-staffed local customer service team that is available immediately to address all your needs.

AdvoWaste Medical provides sound guidance so that you know your facility is complying with all the various state laws and regulations that apply to handling medical waste. Not all states have the same regulations and requirements for the disposal of bio-hazardous medical waste. Some states have additional regulations in addition to the federal government's requirements. A medical waste partner who knows the details of all federal and local laws and regulations inside and out can help your facility stay safe and compliant. We always keep your facility current on best practices, and we have an ongoing commitment to excellence.