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    Serving Stamford’s Sharps Disposal Needs

    AdvoWaste of Stamford is a leading medical waste disposal company in Connecticut. We always maintain full certification with OSHA and also fully comply with CT local and state regulations. Our professionalism ensures that your regulated medical waste in New Haven is always disposed of and treated properly, and on your schedule as well.

    The State of Connecticut provides regulatory oversight for medical waste management, including all aspects of storage, handling, treatment and disposal within your state. The Connecticut State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Consideration jointly administer the state’s RMW program, each with different responsibilities.

    Don’t see your facility type on the list? Contact us at (877) 959-0634 to find out how we can provide the medical waste disposal service you need.

    Stamford Medical Waste Resources

    Stamford Old Town Hall
    Address: 175 Atlantic Street
    Stamford, CT 06901
    Stamford Town & City Clerk
    Address: 888 Washington Blvd
    Stamford, CT 06901
    Phone: (203) 977-4054

    Stamford Police Department
    Address: 805 Bedford Street
    Stamford, CT 06901
    Phone: (203) 977-4444
    Stamford Fire & Rescue Department
    Address: 629 Main Street
    Stamford, CT 06901
    Phone: (203) 977-4763

    State Regulated Medical Waste Definitions

    Public Health Law includes any waste produced by the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals. The law includes five subcategories: cultures and stocks; human pathological wastes; human blood and blood products; sharps waste; and animal waste.

    AdvoWaste of Stamford CT specializes in the disposal of waste in each category, serving as your facility’s one-stop shop for regulated medical waste removal.

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    Stamford is a city in the state of Connecticut. It is located in Fairfield County and has a population of about 122,643 people. Stamford is the third largest city in the state of Connecticut and is the seventh largest city in New England. Stamford is about 30 miles from Manhattan and is a part of the New York Metropolitan area.

    Stamford is also home to four of the Fortune 500 Companies, nine of the Fortune 1000 Companies and numerous divisions of large corporations. This all makes Stamford the largest financial district in the New York Metro area, outside of New York City and one of the largest concentrations of corporations in the nation.

    Stamford is one of the most highly educated populations in the United States. People possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher is about 43 percent of the population. Stamford is tied with Iowa City, Iowa for the United States Metro area with the highest percentage of the adult population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. 44 percent of adults hold a degree.

    The average income for a household in Stamford was $72,315 and the average income for a family is about $88,205.
    There is an 83 acre known as Cove Island park, it was once a farm and then became an enormous factory site, known as Stamford Manufacturing Company. It offers visitors a choice of beaches as well as picnic grounds. There’s a small wildlife sanctuary in the southwest corner that could be interesting for bird watchers. SoundWaters Community Center for Environmental Education is located at the Northeast part of the park. Cummings Park, is a public beach, and it was once a popular spot to go shellfishing. The park was founded in 1906 and it has been known as Halloween Park. It’s been known as this because the Mayor of Stamford, Mayor Homer Cummings will cast the deciding vote to create it on Halloween Night.

    Another park in Stamford is Jackie Robinson Park. It is located on the West Side and is named after the baseball legend, Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson lived in Stamford. Stamford also has two golf courses. These courses are Sterling Farms Golf Course, which opened in May of 1972. It is the most popular of the two courses. It has also been a driving range, six tennis courts, and a restaurant.

    NBCUniversal has moved its offices of the sports division to Stamford from the company’s Rockefeller Center Headquarters in Manhattan. All the studio shows are now based out of Stamford. Some of these include Football Night in America. Maury has also come to Stamford from New York City. In 2013 the Soap Operas, All My Children and One Life to Live were taped in Stamford. The international headquarters for WWE is also based in Stamford. Stamford, Connecticut has also served as the location for one of the five branches of the fictional Dunder Mifflin paper company from the US TV series, The Office.

    The zip codes in Stamford are; 06831, 06903, 06906, 06911, 06914, 06922, 06927, 06901, 06904, 06907, 06912, 06920, 06925, 06928, 06902, 06905, 06910, 06913, 06921, and 06926.


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