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    Serving Providence Rhode Island's Sharps Disposal Needs

    AdvoWaste Medical is the smart choice for multi-doctor medical centers, dental practices, hospitals, labs, private practices, tattoo and piercing salons, nursing and funeral homes, police and fire concerns including correctional facilities, and any other business where medical and medical radioactive waste needs legal and safe disposal.

    We are more than simply your Providence area medical and biomedical handling and disposal company – We care about your business and your needs, small or large. We have WYSIWYG pricing and no minimum long-term contracts.

    In addition, there is regulatory oversight by the Maine State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Consideration. These organizations jointly share appropriate technologies in order for all Raw Medical Waste (RMW) facilities like ours to be at the cutting edge of safe handling. AdvoWaste Medical is also proud to exceed the OSHA standards and is re-certified yearly. On our website, you can view our compliance records with OSHA regulations. We offer a portal directing you to the actual results at OSHA.

    We are licensed, certified, and insured to handle your medical and bioradiological waste daily, weekly, or any schedule which is best for you. Some of the items we handle are chemotherapy waste, used lancets, cultures and swabs, biopsy waste, used surgical garments, including TyVek and instruments, red bags for sharps, and pharmaceutical waste. These materials are treated with the utmost discretion and safety in mind, as this is AdvoWaste’s top concern.

    AdvoWaste will work with you to make a service plan which best suits your needs, both in service and in time. For new small businesses, we are happy to tailor our plans to your needs without any long-term commitment. We will also work with you to provide solutions for your own business to efficiently and easily deal with exceeding safety compliance standards.

    Providence Rhode Island Medical Waste Resources

    Providence City Hall
    Address: 25 Dorrance Street
    Providence, RI 02903
    Phone: (401) 421-7740
    North Providence Town Hall
    Address: 2000 Smith Street
    North Providence, RI 02911
    Phone: (401) 232-0900

    Providence Fire Department
    Address: 325 Washington Street
    Providence, RI 02903
    Phone: (401) 243-6060
    Providence Police Department
    Address: 325 Washington Street
    Providence, RI 02903
    Phone: (401) 272-3121

    State Regulated Medical Waste Definitions

    Public Health Law includes any waste produced by the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals. The law includes five subcategories: cultures and stocks; human pathological wastes; human blood and blood products; sharps waste; and animal waste.

    AdvoWaste specializes in the disposal of waste in each category, serving as your facility’s one-stop shop for regulated medical waste removal.

    Local Information                                                                            Call for a free quote      (877) 958-9362

    Providence is a city in the state of Rhode Island. It is the capital of Rhode Island and is also the most populous city in the state of Rhode Island. It is also one of the oldest cities in the United States. Providence is located in Providence County. It is the third most populous city in New England and is right after Boston and Worcester. The population is about 179,154.

    Providence was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams. He named the area in honor of “God’s merciful Providence,” he believed this to be responsible for revealing such a haven for his followers and himself to settle. Providence is located at the mouth of the Providence River and at the head of Narragansett Bay.

    Providence has 25 different neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are usually all grouped together. Some of the neighborhoods are The Jewelry District. The Jewelry District is the area near the I-95, the Providence River and the old I-195. West Broadway is another neighborhood. West Broadway overlaps with the southern half of Federal Hill and also the northern part of the West End. The West Side is another neighborhood. It is also a vague term that would sometimes mean, Federal Hill, Hartford, Silver Lake, and Olneyville. The North End is a combination of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include, Wanskuck, Smith Hill, Mount Pleasant, Charles, and Elmhurst.

    The climate in Providence is a humid continental climate. The summers are warm and the winters are cold. Humidity is high throughout the year. The Atlantic Ocean keeps Providence as well as the rest of Rhode Island warmer than many locations in New England. The coldest month is January. The temperature in January is an average of about 29 degrees Fahrenheit. The low average temperature will be about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The warmest month is July. July has an average temperature of about 73 degrees Fahrenheit. The high temperatures in July average at about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Some extreme temperatures in Providence can be -17 degrees Fahrenheit, which happened in February of 1934 and a high of 104 degrees Fahrenheit in August of 1975.

    Some of the top employers in Providence are; Brown University, which employs about 4,600 people. Women and Infants Hospital, which employs about 1,800 people. Mars 2000 employs about 850 people. Johnson and Wales University employs 700 people; and Roger Williams Medical Center employs about 1,470 people. The zip codes in Providence are; 02860, 02902, 02904, 02906, 02908, 02910, 02912, 02918, 02901, 02903, 02905, 02907, 02909, 02911, 02914, and 02940.


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