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    Serving Pawtucket Rhode Island's Sharps Disposal Needs

    AdvoWaste Medical is the smart choice for multi-doctor medical centers, dental practices, hospitals, labs, private practices, tattoo and piercing salons, nursing and funeral homes, police and fire concerns including correctional facilities, and any other business where medical and medical radioactive waste needs legal and safe disposal.

    We are more than simply your Pawtucket medical and biomedical handling and disposal company – We care about your business and your needs, small or large. We have WYSIWYG pricing and no minimum long-term contracts.

    We are licensed, certified, and insured in Pawtucket to handle your medical and bioradiological waste daily, weekly, or any schedule which is best for you. Some of the items we handle are chemotherapy waste, used lancets, cultures and swabs, biopsy waste, used surgical garments, including TyVek and instruments, red bags for sharps, and pharmaceutical waste. These materials are treated with the utmost discretion and safety in mind, as this is AdvoWaste’s top concern.

    In addition, there is regulatory oversight by the Rhode Island State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Consideration. These organizations jointly share appropriate technologies in order for all Raw Medical Waste facilities like ours to be at the cutting edge of safe handling. AdvoWaste Medical is also proud to exceed the OSHA standards and is re-certified yearly. On our website, you can view our compliance records with OSHA regulations. We offer a portal directing you to the actual results at OSHA.

    AdvoWaste will work with you to make a service plan which best suits your needs, both in service and in time. For new small businesses, we are happy to tailor our plans to your needs without any long-term commitment. We will also work with you to provide solutions for your own business in Warwick to efficiently and easily deal with exceeding safety compliance standards.

    Pawtucket Rhode Island Medical Waste Resources

    Pawtucket City Hall
    Address: 137 Roosevelt Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    Phone: (401) 728-0500
    Pawtucket Housing Authority
    Address: 214 Roosevelt Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    Phone: (401) 721-6000
    Pawtucket Police Department
    Address: 121 Roosevelt Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    Phone: (401) 727-9100
    Pawtucket Fire Station 2
    Address: 155 Roosevelt Avenue
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    Phone: (401) 725-1422

    State Regulated Medical Waste Definitions

    Public Health Law includes any waste produced by the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals. The law includes five subcategories: cultures and stocks; human pathological wastes; human blood and blood products; sharps waste; and animal waste.

    AdvoWaste specializes in the disposal of waste in each category, serving as your facility’s one-stop shop for regulated medical waste removal in Pawtucket, RI.

    Local Information                                                                            Call for a free quote      (877) 958-9362

    Pawtucket is a city in the state of Rhode Island. The population is about 71,148 people. Pawtucket is the fourth largest city in the state of Rhode Island. Pawtucket is bordered by Providence and by the state of Massachusetts.

    Pawtucket has many different schools. It is directed by the Pawtucket School Department. There are four different Senior high schools, three junior high schools, and ten different elementary schools. The senior high schools are, Blackstone Academy Charter School, Charles E. Shea, Jacqueline M. Welsch School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and William E. Tolman. The junior high schools are as follows, Lyman B. Goff, Samuel Slater and Joseph Jenks. Some of the elementary schools are, Curvin McCabe, Nathanael Greene, Elizabeth Baldwin, Flora S. Curtis, Potter Burns, and Henry J. Winters.

    Pawtucket is also home to St. Raphael Academy, which is a private college predatory school. It is a small school with about 500 students. The student to teacher ratio is 15:2. Pawtucket used to have an all girls catholic high school called Bishop Keough High School, which was located in the Fairlawn neighborhood. Bishop Keough is now closed. There are three Catholic elementary schools in Pawtucket. These school are, St Teresa School, Woodlawn Catholic Regional School and St. Cecilia School.

    Pawtucket is popular in today’s culture. There is a 1996 film, American Buffalo which was filmed here. Pawtucket has also been frequently referenced in the cartoon series, Family Guy, more specifically was the “Pawtucket Brewery” as well as the character “Pawtucket Pat”, even though there was no brewery that existed in the real Pawtucket when the show first had referenced them. The toy company that Peter Griffin worked for earlier in the series was called the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Co, the name was a parody based on the name of the Hasbro toy company that is based in Pawtucket.

    In December of 1993, there was a character on the NBC sitcom Nurses called Pawtucket a pit. Then-mayor Bob Metivier had appeared on the show months later in a cameo looking for an apology. In the 1990 movie, Mermaids there was a swimming pool at the Tolman High School that was used in the movie. In the film, Outside Providence, the main character in the movie, Tim Dunphy, grew up in Pawtucket. There are many different Pawtucket locations that are seen in the movie, one including the police station. The film was released in 1999.
    The zip codes in Pawtucket are; 02860, 02861, and 02862.


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