Save at least 30% off your current medical waste service provider!

    Save at least 30% off your current medical waste service provider!

      What types of biohazardous waste do you pick up?

      AdvoWaste Medical is licensed to safely collect, transport and dispose of any medical and pharmaceutical waste your company may generate. A few examples of biohazardous waste categories are: laboratory specimens, red bag waste, chemotherapeutic waste, pharmaceutical non-controlled substances, infectious waste, pathological waste and many more.

      Do you require any long term service contracts?

      Our customers are never locked into any long term service contracts and are free to walk away at any time. We believe in earning and retaining your business the old fashioned way through exceptional service and competitive pricing.

      What types of pickup scheduling do you offer?

      We offer both set-scheduled and flexible on call pick up service options. We will always try to accommodate any last minute scheduling requests you may require.

      Are you licensed and insured?

      Yes, absolutely. Our licensing and insurance coverage meets or exceeds all federal, state and local regulations. Additionally, we stay on top of all constantly evolving regulatory industry guidelines.

      In which states do you offer pickup services?

      We service the entire United States with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

      What type of payment options do you offer?

      AdvoWaste accepts all major credit card, checks and ACH payments. For your convenience we have an online payment portal as well.

      Can I pay my bill online?

      Sure, you can pay your bill online by visiting and clicking on “Pay My Bill” on the top right corner of the website.

      How competitive are you in comparison with other medical waste disposal companies?

      AdvoWaste Medical offers the most competitive rates around! In fact, we guarantee to save you at least 30% when you switch from your current medical waste disposal company to us and often we can save you even more!

      What are your available hours of service?

      AdvoWaste Medical offers service between the hours of 7am to 6 pm but we are also available for any emergency pickups outside of these hours.

      How long has your company been in business?

      AdvoWaste Medical Services was founded in 2009 and is the trusted partner for more than 3000 happy customers .

      Can I get a free quote?

      Of course! Simply call us at 855-678-1098 or email us at for a fast and free quote. With one quick call or email we can get you an accurate quote that you can trust from a friendly customer service representative.

      What type of companies do you service?

      AdvoWaste Medical services a wide variety of companies needing medical waste disposal service such as hospitals, nursing homes, dental offices, assisted living facilities, surgical centers, laboratories, urgent care centers, medical practices, schools, government facilities and more!

      • Small, medium and large facilities
      • Animal orphanages
      • Allergists
      • Blood banks
      • Casinos
      • Clinics
      • Diagnostic centers
      • Dialysis centers
      • Doctors
      • Endo centers
      • Funeral homes
      • Government agencies
      • Health departments
      • Hematologist / Oncologist
      • Hospital satellite facilities
      • Imaging centers
      • OB/GYN offices
      • Oral surgeon offices
      • Outpatient surgery centers
      • Pediatrician offices
      • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
      • Physician offices
      • Prisons / Correctional facilities
      • Radiology facilities
      • Colleges and Universities
      • Tattoo parlors
      • Testing centers
      • Urologist offices

      How soon after I call will you show up?

      Our pickup turnaround time is the quickest in the industry. We aim to arrive within 2-3 days, but guarantee a pickup within the week.

      Do you offer OSHA training for our employees?

      Yes. Advowaste Medical offers a complete and comprehensive suite of options for all of your OSHA compliance needs. We have a state of the art training portal available to you and your staff. It is designed to ensure that your company remains fully compliant with all OSHA and HIPPA regulations.

      Do you have any hidden fees or surcharges?

      At AdvoWaste Medical we pride ourselves in our completely transparent and upfront pricing. The price we quote you with is the price you will pay. We will never surprise you with any hidden fees or surcharges.

      Do different types of waste have to be segregated?

      Yes, different types of waste (i.e. regulated medical waste, chemotherapy, pathological, non-hazardous pharmaceutical, amalgam and overclassified waste) must be placed into separate containers in order to accurately and properly manage and dispose of each type of waste.

      What can I put into the medical waste box, hamper or reusable medical waste container?

      • Closed and tied red bag waste
      • Closed, locked and sealed disposable sharps containers
      • Leak-proof container of liquid
      • Red bag waste, including but not limited to: gauze, table paper, blood soaked items, bandages, intravenous bags, soft plastic items, gloves, gowns, petri dishes, empty plastic containers
      • Chemotherapy, pathological and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste must be placed in separate containers and must adhere to State and Federal regulations

      What goes into the sharps containers?

      • All needles, syringes and lancets
      • All sharp or pointy hard plastic items, pipettes, tubes and tips
      • All glassware items, glass tubes, vials, bottles, slides, vacutainers, etc.
      • All sharp or pointy metal items, scalpels, knives, razor blades, tweezers, scissors, etc.

      Note: If it can puncture the red bag, it needs to be placed in a sharps container

      How full should I fill the sharps containers before replacing them?

      Sharps containers should never be filled more than the manufacturer’s recommended fill level. If the manufacturer has not specified a fill level, then ¾ full is the recommended level to fill the sharps container before replacing.

      Where should we keep our medical waste?

      Medical waste must be stored in a manner and location that is accessible only to authorized employees. It must also maintain the integrity of the packaging while providing protection from the elements. It must be easily accessible to the AdvoWaste driver at the time of pick up.

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